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​Welcome to American Federation of Teachers Local #604

Established on December 3rd, 1938 AFT Local 604 has grown immensely to now encompass 85 autonomous councils and has a membership of 10,000+.  It is the second largest public education worker organization in the state of Illinois and it is the fourteenth largest local in the national organization, the American Federation of Teachers.

The Councils of AFT Local 604 stretch from the Pembroke Council on the Indiana line to Hampton on the Mississippi River.  These 85 councils are serviced out of our office in Joliet.  There are seven-full professional staff persons that provide service to the 10,000+ members of Local 604.


AFT Local 604 provides services in the following areas:

  • Negotiations

  • Grievance handling

  • Job security protection

  • Legal advice and assistance to members and councils

  • Workshops on retirement, legislation, educational issues, student debt, certification, collective bargaining, professional/ethical issues, etc.

  • Information on current events, rumor control and resources for answers to questions



There are many areas that AFT Local 604 devotes time, energy and resources toward such as political endorsements, legislative lobbying, educational research and development, pension stability and enhancement, and training for members just to mention a few.


AFT Local 604 is governed by the Local 604 Senate which consists of the seventeen (17) officers of the local, each council president and additional senators based upon a membership formula.  The Senate of AFT Local 604 currently consists of approximately 100 persons.


As president of Local 604, I invite each and all of you to take advantage of the services that are available to you through the office, the seventeen officers, the seven professional staff persons, and the very competent and capable office staff (3) that manage the office of the local.


It is generally recognized throughout the state that AFT Local 604 sets the pace for public education workers in Illinois.  You need to take advantage of all of this.


In unity –


William Briggs, President

AFT Local 604

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